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YATTARA Almamy Maliki and SALVAING Bernard

Almamy, a youth on the banks of the river Niger

"preface" by Adame Ba Konaré

EDITIONS GRANDVAUX - 18 410 Brinon-Sur Sauldre - Published in Marsh 2000

448 pages - Format 16 cm x 24 cm, paper 90 g

ISBN number 2-909550-23-0

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These memoirs that can be read as an adventure story are first and foremost the story

of a life, told by a great master of the oral tradition.

Almamy Yattara, born in Mali in about 1922, tells the story of his childhood

and youth in Guimballa, a region to the south-west of Timbuctoo. At the

same time as he was pursuing his higher education in Islamic studies with

great masters, he learned about agriculture, stock breeding, commerce,

fishing, hunting, living in a world where the supernatural and the everyday

are inextricably linked.

The author is heir to the historical tradition of the "Fulanese Empire in

Macina" revealed for the first time by Amadou Hampate-Bâ. He evokes the

culture of the peoples he meets in his everyday life - the Songhay,

Bambara, Marka, Tuareg, Dogon and Moors. He is a mine of information about

the civilization of the Niger bend as seen from the inside. He presents an

unusual light on the encounter between Islam and colonisation in a region of

Mali still hardly affected by modern and colonial influences.

This book will be enjoyed by any reader interested in this region of Africa

for the subjects dealt with by Almamy Maliki Yattara are all embracing! He

is variously historian, storyteller and spiritual master. He describes in a

masterly fresco the thousand and one episodes that fashioned his existence :

his childhood on the banks of the Niger river, his religious studies, his hunting

adventures, everyday Mali as seen from an insider's

point of view.


Almamy Yattara was born in the twenties in the Guimballa region of Mali, south-west of Timbuctoo, in the middle of the loop of the Niger river.

Bernard salvaing (Paris I University, Centre de recherches africaines, 9 rue Malher 75004 Paris, email recorded the story of Almamy Yattara s'life during long and numerous interviews.



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ISBN number 2-909550-23-0


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